Known Issues

Introspecting tables with ‘%’ columns

Attempting to run inspectdb with DEBUG = True will raise TypeError: not enough arguments for format string. This is due to CursorDebugWrapper and its use of % format strings. If you encounter this problem, you can either rename the database column so it does not include a ‘%’ (percent) character, or change DEBUG = False in your settings when you run inspectdb.

Introspecting custom fields

Some datatypes will be mapped to a custom model field provided by Django-mssql. If any of these fields are used, it will be necessary to add import sqlserver_ado.fields to the top of the file. If using a version of Django prior to 1.7, it will be necessary to also remove the “models.” prefix from any of these custom fields. Django ticket #21090

Azure requires clustered indices


Windows Azure SQL Database does not support tables without clustered indexes. A table must have a clustered index. If a table is created without a clustered constraint, a clustered index must be created before an insert operation is allowed on the table.

The workaround is to dump the create SQL, add a clustered index, manually apply the SQL to the database.